Thursday, March 8, 2018

Accidents happen

I had been on just a simple blog break, and was about ready to start blogging again. Then this happened.
I had an accident Feb 12...
the result is two pins and a plate.

I slipped on ice on the edge of our porch...there had been ice on the very edge of the porch the day before...about 6 or 7 inches along the edge.  The next morn, it looked like it had melted and was beaded up water.

I was still being careful, was reaching for the hand rail, and my foot hit the 'ice' and slid, it hit the step, and DID NOT body weight carried me turned my foot backwards...I was sitting on it...I don't even know just how it all happened...I just remember pulling my leg/foot from under me...

Roger wanted to help me up...I said No, look! and pulled up my pant leg.  No bones poked through but oh, you could tell things were not right.

I called an ambulance, and called Lorelei's mom...the one EMT said it about made her vomit to look at it...

To make a long story short, I chose to go to a hospital in Terre Haute that is classified as level 2 trauma center...had surgery that night and came home the next day. 

I still can put no weight on it...that will start in three weeks.  Or at least that is the plans right now.  I have had huge fracture of them that popped made a big black scab...I was debating on showing a photo, but it might make you sick at your stomach.  Anyway, I go to wound care every week, and let the doctor look...and in the meantime, Roger and I change the gauze pads and all that every day...put medihoney on it. 

Just thought I would post this...going to copy and paste it to my other blog....

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Daughter's quilt top...

My older daughter drove over today to sew....she designed, chose her fabric, and started this quilt top a few months ago...then there came the move to St. Louis.  She has not got her sewing area set up there so she came here to sew this afternoon.

This  is what it looked like when she came.  At least 2/3's done.  We worked all afternoon...she cut and I sewed.  And she pressed the seams.

This is what it looked like when she left.  It is approx 93 inches square...she is making it for one of her friends.

Just one more photo:

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

A different sort of post from me....

Bury Me

Bury me beneath the weeping willow tree
And let the long roots cradle me.
Bury me 'neath the old, old trees
Where the robins and red birds sing
Where they build their nests in warmth of spring.
Bury me beside the waters of old Gap Creek
Where I can still hear the laughter of our youth.
Where I can hear our splashing throughout the week…
Where we played till the day was done.
Bury me beside that weathered old barn…
That one that sits up towards the holler
On my favorite place on earth.
I am not much of a writer of anything, poems for sure.  But have had this little one started forever.   I just moved it here to blogger a few days ago and have debated on publishing it or not...

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Hovering Hawk

I shot this through the front windshield...or I think it would have been a bit clearer.  I think it is a Rough-legged Hawk.  I am so used to seeing Northern Harriers do this, but then as we got closer and seen the wings, I thought not.  When I looked it up on All About Birds, it says the Rough-legged Hawk can hover if it is facing into the wind.  This one did exactly that.  It would hover for a while, then break away and fly on a little ways, then turn around and face into the wind and hover some more.  This was shot today.

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